Communication n.15
Cultural web-sites and directories

We have created a page for cultural web-sites and directories who have aided us and aid us also now to rise divulgation into secundary schools and universities of cultural subjects who give life to our age and are the basis of our fifteen books in italian language and of our communications,blogs and photo-books in three languages (engl-french-ital). In order to add to such a divulgation we have translated our books in photo-books that we have begun to put online and shall continue to do it as soon as they are ready. Like books,communications and blogs,also photo-books shall be available to be freely downloaded and shall be also visible on the mobile telephons connected to internet. We remind that during five years we have had 350 thousand visitors and 250 thousand files downloaded in a crescendo from 20 thousand of 2002 to 70 thousand of 2006. We hope, with cooperation of the web-sites over mentioned ,to rise such a number and we give them many thanks particularly for the students who consider our books as real textbooks. In fact they begin to be included into bibliography of thesis and of doctor's degree.