Communication n.17
Presentation online of CONTRO

It was the first of my books to be published (in the far '68) and it is the last to be put online. I largely explained the reason on my blog about the subject. The story of such a book is eventful almost how much the contents of the book. I narrate the robbery of Osoppo street in Milan, of which I had a clear knowledge because I was a popular judge in the criminal trial. For this reason, the President of Court did his best to avoid publications aided in this effort by editors that refused this manuscript declaring to be afraid. For ten years he exercised censorship. It was a sudden and exceptional event that induced a little editor, however protected by an important attorney, to realize the publication. Protagonists change names and are declared, as also the story, of pure imagination. Also distribution is controlled. After forty years, it happens a fact that appears incredible. Two big libraries of America, two American Universities and a South-african one discover such a book, succeed to have in hand a copy, reprint it and show it available in the universitary libraries for students and teachers. At this point, as we obtained publications for an exceptional event, for another exceptional event, we put online the book with a preface, in order to avoid a censor as in the past, and with a new writing of after-war history which was already downloaded in the world at about ten thousands copies. It is in fact the historical background in which the event happens. Such a story, as all my books, contains all my cultural subjects: heretical refusal, generation betrayed and moral revolt that, in other words, is the desperation of freedom. The reader could also add, as appendix, our blog about this subject. This is a piece of Italian history that marked an epoch and that nobody, maybe afraid, tanslated in film.