This web-site is designed for students in secondary schools in the countries and languages we'll be able to reach and use. It is aimed at helping young people to have a better knowledge of "Nuovo Umanesimo" and Sartre's morale, that is, contemporary European culture with the historical and poetic references which can be found in our books.
We have made available on the Net two files with nine volumes that students can download, free of charge.

As announced in the last  communication, you shall find on line two poetic texts preceded by an explanatory preface. They represent a poetic verification of new humanism and besides they can be object for a poetic theatre due to they represent  the existential surrealism of our age.
Other texts shall follow on the origin of our occidental civilization as base of our age.

As announced here over we are sending on line a "piéce" of theater-poem at three voices which lead us up to our cultural origines, i. e. "Intermezzi per Saffo e Alcéo"  ("Interludes for Sapphos and Alceus") which will be in the general index folowing the poems.

The eleven texts will be subdivided as follows
  • File No 2 - six books
  • On the history and the culture of five italian cities: Castelseprio, Milano, Monza, Sirmione and Umbria, collectec as one text with the title  "Heretic's refusal" (Index) which clearly shows both the dialectic movement and the moral interior conflict which are the supporting structure to the entire cultural history of the Italianpeople. Very important historical men are reconsidered: from Maximianus to Costantine,  from Augustine to Ambrose, from Attila to Leo the Great, from Theodoricus to Teodolinda and to  Gregory the Great, from Ariberto d'Intimiano to Lanzone and to Barbarossa.
  • File No 3 - Two poetic texts  in poems and ballads
  • Two poetic texts preceded by an explanatory preface.
  • In poems the history and the moral interior conflict of the generation who gave Italy democracy throught sufferance and blood and soon after was deprived, suffering a real betrayal. This generation has been called the betrayed generation (Index) in Italy and we have sung the emotions of its protagonists in order to pay the debt Italy owes them.
  • In ballads the two typical cases of non authentic myths in our society  (Index). The manager and the star cases, two frantic runs towards madness ad death.

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